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My youngest son turned three today. We had a small party with a gummy worm cake, colored pointy hats, a few family members and a whole lot of joy. It reminded me how it doesn’t take much to make one of the best days of our lives. My favorite is seeing the light in his eyes shine brighter than those birthday candles. And the oldest’s spontaneous hugs  expressing how genuinely happy he was support and celebrate the youngest. Let’s do more of that — more days to let go of everything that keeps us worrying about the future and really celebrate life’s most simple joys.

You exist.

And we’re so glad you do!


Everybody has a story. Everyone has a mountain to climb. With every good story, the journey is often paved with heartaches and obstacles–but somehow these difficulties end up make us stronger and wiser.  Shortly after Jill and Adam were engaged, they found out Adam had cancer. Even though they spent last year in and out of hospitals going through chemo together, they reached their wedding day happier and healthier people who know a deep and profound love with each other.

The only hiccup was at the reception when Adam (who’s also allergic to eggs) got sick from a groom’s cake mixup. It seemed like everyone held their breath for 5 minutes while we waited for any news and the DJ played another song to keep the mood upbeat. It was Chris Brown’s Forever, and when it hit the chorus, in a perfect moment, Adam and his mother came dancing into the room. The crowd parted and a flood of joy erupted throughout the room. The tears come back to me just thinking about it now. It was a moment on top of their mountain, and the view was spectacular.