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And we heard squeals of joy from the kids. And for our oldest, that sound of joy is a train whistle. It’s another reason why family days are important.

We had an amazing birthday party to celebrate our newly minted four-year-old. It started with a ride in the car cart at the grocery store. We filled it with friends, family, sidewalk chalk, playground climbing, dress up (like a train engineer), make your own monster cake, hidden googly eyes, brightly colored rainbows, and a dash of chaos. It ended a late night for the boys, but I’d call it “close to the perfect day.” The never ending smile on Justin’s face clearly agreed.

Trains, Papas, Uncles, polar bears, Grandmas, Aunties, peacocks, rhinos, giraffes, playgrounds, zebras, gorillas, Mommies, and Daddies, cousins, and kids like us… we saw them all at the zoo.

They’ve known each other most of their lives.

They became friends. They fell in love. They got engaged. They pledged their lives to one another. They exchanged rings. And in an act of beautiful service to one another, they washed each other’s feet.

After all of that, they threw a wild party to celebrate with family and friends. Congratulations Craig and Lydia!

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