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Our 2nd Turns Three

My youngest son turned three today. We had a small party with a gummy worm cake, colored pointy hats, a few familySEE MORE »

We Saw Trains

And we heard squeals of joy from the kids. And for our oldest, that sound of joy is a train whistle. It’sSEE MORE »

We've Got a Newly Minted Four Year Old | Happy Birthday

We had an amazing birthday party to celebrate our newly minted four-year-old. It started with a ride in the car cartSEE MORE »

Henry Doorly and all the Zoo Animals

Trains, Papas, Uncles, polar bears, Grandmas, Aunties, peacocks, rhinos, giraffes, playgrounds, zebras, gorillas,SEE MORE »

First Day of Spring, Kinda

April 24th and there’s still freezing rain outside. April 15th and there’s still snow on the ground. ButSEE MORE »

Is that Thomas the Tank Engine?

No, it’s not Thomas the Tank Engine. It’s just our family visit to the Durham History Museum! We did seeSEE MORE »

Winter Storm Q | A Child's Perspective

The winter storm of 2013 so big it got its own name turned out to be the best kind of vacation snow day. We got oneSEE MORE »

Our Family | Self-Portrait

As a photographer, one of the hazards of the job is rarely being caught in front of the camera. I have hundreds ofSEE MORE »

From Dad to Grandfather

When I was growing up, I thought my dad was Rocky Balboa or Tom Selleck (always rocking the mustache!). That’sSEE MORE »

Trains, Snacks and Automobiles | A Daytrip to the Smithsonian

What happens when you combine a couple train rides, a visit to the Smithsonian Museum, a proud Granddad, two energeticSEE MORE »

The Beginning of Autumn | Will You Play with Me?

They grow up so fast! Our oldest has out grown almost all his clothes. Time for some new threads — what betterSEE MORE »

Nap, Snack, and Playground on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I love how my boys can always surprise me. Earlier yesterday, they spent several hours frustrated with each other,SEE MORE »

The Last Days of Summer | Fun at an Omaha Splash Park

As summer begins its decline, we ventured out to the local splash park for one last hurrah. Inspired by thisSEE MORE »

Color Me Rad | Special Olympics Fundraiser in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Yesterday, my mother participated in the Color Me Rad 5k run with her friend, Kathy Wolfe. And they got color bombed!SEE MORE »

Going from Toddler to Big Boy

I love this kid. He’s becoming more of a young man all the time. Heather thinks he’s starting to lookSEE MORE »

Your Toddler Doesn’t Need Taming

My boy has a very sweet disposition (most of the time! he even calls himself Mouse), but in this pictured moment,SEE MORE »

Miles Turns One

Miles is a one-year-old these days. He loves to snuggle with his monkey and pull around a little wooden aligator. TheSEE MORE »

A Taste of Spring

The birds were singing and the kids were laughing because it was room temperature outside today. Spring will soon beSEE MORE »

Snow Day | Winter Has Finally Arrived

As we get older, we forget how much fun snow days can be.  Thankfully our little guy reminded us it’s not justSEE MORE »

Beans, Tears, and Teddy Bears

Just another afternoon with the boys…SEE MORE »


We filled the pool up at Grandma’s today (or “Ja-mon” as Justin says).  You can see his laser focusSEE MORE »

Learning to Play

Who would of thought children would be such wonderful teachers? As our kids learn to play, so do we.  Thank you boys!SEE MORE »