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Two for Two

“Welcome to existence… I dare you to move.” –Switchfoot I’d like to introduce you to ourSEE MORE »

Back from Hawaii again

This time around, it wasn’t for work; it was recovering from work. Rest is an essential ingredient toSEE MORE »

Do You Remember Being a Kid?

I love that my neighbors were running around in their Halloween costumes the other day. What unexpected andSEE MORE »

Great Strides – Taking Steps to Cure Cystic Fibrosis

Walking for a CureMay 8, 2010 It’s hard to imagine taking more than 60 doses of medicine everyday, and spendingSEE MORE »


As a AseraCare Hospice volunteer, today I had the privilege of documenting a dying man’s final wishes andSEE MORE »

Destination Maui

My brother and I photographed a destination wedding in Maui, Hawaii this past week.  Here’s a taste of theSEE MORE »

Doctor’s Office Visit

Burnout is a serious threat to many photographers and creative professionals. Somewhere down the road they stop lovingSEE MORE »

It's a Dog Party!

If you’ve ever read the childhood book “Go, Dog, Go!” then you might understand why people randomlySEE MORE »

Naptime Escape!

Justin woke up from his nap all happy and talkative.  It’s not that unusual, but to my surprise, he had a lotSEE MORE »

The Healing Horse

Occasionally, I get an opportunity to photograph for AseraCare Hospice which is an organization that seeks to giveSEE MORE »

New Life

“New life is given to us through the blood, sweat, and tears of someone else.” –EthanSEE MORE »

Mission Complete

We finished the baby’s room finally!  We’ve been working on a number of home improvements to getSEE MORE »

Making Room for Little Sprout

I spent the morning painting the baby’s room, listening to the new Daughtry album and imaging how life is goingSEE MORE »


We’re back from our trip to Hawaii and brought back pictures to share–Heather and I had an amazing timeSEE MORE »

We’re Expecting!

For those of you who don’t know, Heather and I are going to have a baby!!  This week, our little peanut is theSEE MORE »

The Link Between Loss & Gratitude | Hospice Care

As an AseraCare volunteer today, I had the wonderful privilege of photographing the very real connection between aSEE MORE »