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Anita | 2011 Omaha Central Senior

Anita, Ali‘s lovely sister is a beautifully gifted artist of multiple mediums.  Painting, drawing, pottery fromSEE MORE »

Theressa + Sean | Engagement

I can’t help but smile when I think of these two… I love how playful they are together!  They had meSEE MORE »

Audra + Bryan | Destination Engagement in Liberty, Missouri

We traveled to Kansas City for Audra and Bryan’s “road trip” inspired engagement session.  But on theSEE MORE »

Alyssa | 2011 Senior in Kearney, Nebraska

Alyssa is a young photographer from Kearney with a unique vision. She restored an old photograph of her grandmotherSEE MORE »

Ann + Matt | The Paxton Engagement

She walked down the street. He stopped and got down on one knee while an engagement ring was lowered on a string from aSEE MORE »

Savio + Ellen | the Engagement

Savio and Ellen have fitting and romantic story about when they first met.  It was years ago… at a trainSEE MORE »

Sydney | 2010 Millard West Senior

I’m glad I got a chance to hang out with Sydney in the Old Market.  We’ve been waiting all winter toSEE MORE »

Jane | 2010 Millard North Senior

When I think of Jane, I think of the phrase “still waters run deep.” You might not know it if you passedSEE MORE »

Phil + Bridget | Engaged

?center> Phil and Bridget are getting married this May and I can’t wait for their wedding — they’reSEE MORE »

Matt | Ralston 2010 Senior

For a late Autumn look, Matt had the honor of being the very last session of 2009.  It was a week before the firstSEE MORE »

Ethan | 2010 Millard North Senior

The day is finally here where we show Ethan’s senior pictures!  I know his family and friends have waited a longSEE MORE »

Elly | 2010 Millard North Senior

Planning ahead for the cooling weather, we split Elly’s session in two.  We started by photographing her at theSEE MORE »

Emily & Lou | Engaged in Arizona

Meet Emily and Lou.  Together they’ve got a great sense of style, positive charismatic energy, and a real andSEE MORE »

Josh, Class of 2010 | Elkhorn Senior

Josh is a drummer and a Kansas Jayhawks fan. We played a little basketball, did some tricks with the drum sticks andSEE MORE »

Brittany, Class of 2010

For Brittany’s session, she brought a few friends (and her family!) as we created some personalized images atSEE MORE »

Jenna, 2010 Senior

Jenna is a gifted pianist with a sweet presence and sensible soul.  Whether in high heels or flip flops, whether inSEE MORE »

Courtney, 2010 Senior

We’ve seen Courtney a lot this summer!  Thanks to Anna (and Courtney’s infectious personality), I feelSEE MORE »

Cindy, 2010 Senior

We had a beautiful morning while downtown in the Old Market for Cindy’s photo shoot.  Armed with a handful ofSEE MORE »

Evan, 2010 Graduate

Evan is a 2010 Senior at Creighton Prep High School and he’s been a friend of the family for years.  Growing up,SEE MORE »

Annie, 2010 Senior

Annie is sensible, personable, smart, articulate and beautiful.  She’s also quite witty and an avid word-smithSEE MORE »

Grace, Westside Senior

My assistant (Jordan) and I really enjoyed our time with Grace (and her amazing family!) for her session.  First andSEE MORE »

Emily and Josh, Engaged

Emily and Josh are getting married! To celebrate their engagment, we traveled to their home town of Nebraska City andSEE MORE »

The Newbanks Family

This family is one of the many reasons why I love my job! These wonderful people invited me into their lives as weSEE MORE »

Liz + Cory

Meet Liz and Cory! We met at the gallery space to talk over some ideas and ended up walking around a park in the BoysSEE MORE »

Katie & Kyle, Engaged

Katie and Kyle are getting married this fall!  Katie works in PR for the Boy Scouts, and Kyle owns a branch of theSEE MORE »

Adrienne and Seth

Seth and Adrienne live on the beautiful Oahu island in Hawaii, and they were a delight to photograph together!  We metSEE MORE »