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Jack | 2014 High School Senior

Meet Jack. He’s a man of many hidden talents. He’s a drummer. He’s a fisherman. A mountain man. WithSEE MORE »

Jacob | 2013 Elkhorn High School Senior

Jacob strikes me as the kind of guy you don’t want to mess with but will help pick you up off the street and dustSEE MORE »

Beth | 2013 Concordia Senior

Meet Beth. You don’t want to underestimate her. She will surprise you. She’s equally kind, fierce andSEE MORE »

Nora | 2012 Papillion Senior

Nora is a sweet and beautiful girl who really comes alive when she’s on the dance floor.  To see her dance is toSEE MORE »

Samantha | 2011 High School Senior

We followed Sam around while she did chores and cared for her horses.  I’m very fond of these images; I love howSEE MORE »

Emma | 2011 Concorida Senior

She draws, paints, and writes; she’s actively involved in theater, cheerleading, and is quite the philosophicalSEE MORE »

Christopher | 2011 Westside Senior

Christopher and I explored the Old Market and the park just a skip and a jump away from home; there’s a hillSEE MORE »

Kate | 2011 Millard West Senior

Kate is beautiful and expressive!  We got some amazing images and she made it look easy. Later in the day, we addedSEE MORE »

Anita | 2011 Omaha Central Senior

Anita, Ali‘s lovely sister is a beautifully gifted artist of multiple mediums.  Painting, drawing, pottery fromSEE MORE »

Alyssa | 2011 Senior in Kearney, Nebraska

Alyssa is a young photographer from Kearney with a unique vision. She restored an old photograph of her grandmotherSEE MORE »

Sydney | 2010 Millard West Senior

I’m glad I got a chance to hang out with Sydney in the Old Market.  We’ve been waiting all winter toSEE MORE »

Jane | 2010 Millard North Senior

When I think of Jane, I think of the phrase “still waters run deep.” You might not know it if you passedSEE MORE »

Matt | Ralston 2010 Senior

For a late Autumn look, Matt had the honor of being the very last session of 2009.  It was a week before the firstSEE MORE »

Ethan | 2010 Millard North Senior

The day is finally here where we show Ethan’s senior pictures!  I know his family and friends have waited a longSEE MORE »

Elly | 2010 Millard North Senior

Planning ahead for the cooling weather, we split Elly’s session in two.  We started by photographing her at theSEE MORE »

Josh, Class of 2010 | Elkhorn Senior

Josh is a drummer and a Kansas Jayhawks fan. We played a little basketball, did some tricks with the drum sticks andSEE MORE »

Brittany, Class of 2010

For Brittany’s session, she brought a few friends (and her family!) as we created some personalized images atSEE MORE »

Jenna, 2010 Senior

Jenna is a gifted pianist with a sweet presence and sensible soul.  Whether in high heels or flip flops, whether inSEE MORE »

Courtney, 2010 Senior

We’ve seen Courtney a lot this summer!  Thanks to Anna (and Courtney’s infectious personality), I feelSEE MORE »

Cindy, 2010 Senior

We had a beautiful morning while downtown in the Old Market for Cindy’s photo shoot.  Armed with a handful ofSEE MORE »

Evan, 2010 Graduate

Evan is a 2010 Senior at Creighton Prep High School and he’s been a friend of the family for years.  Growing up,SEE MORE »

Annie, 2010 Senior

Annie is sensible, personable, smart, articulate and beautiful.  She’s also quite witty and an avid word-smithSEE MORE »

Grace, Westside Senior

My assistant (Jordan) and I really enjoyed our time with Grace (and her amazing family!) for her session.  First andSEE MORE »

Corinne, 2010 Graduate

Corinne is an athletic girl with a bright mind. Between playing soccer, curling up with her favorite books andSEE MORE »

Anna, 2010 Graduate

Jordan and Kaci helped assist and we had an amazing time with Anna for her lifetime session.  She was a little nervousSEE MORE »

Millard West Prom

Heather and I made a trip out to see Chris and his friends on prom night. We did some senior portraits with Chris aSEE MORE »