Liz + A.J.

cool split screen wedding couple pictureAmerican Gothic Bridal Portraitbride and groom kissing under the tree with vintage 70's look and feelKameron Bayne Images - Picture of AJ with Eyebrows RaisedKameron Bayne Images - Picture of Liz with Beautiful Smile
Liz and A.J. are just darling together! She’s a creative graphic designer and he’s a laid back guy who is “goofy in love.” I really enjoyed my time with these two delightful people – while we were shooting, they would name the fonts of billboards and the signs we passed by. Like two puzzle pieces, they fit together so well, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

A couple weeks back, we did the engagement session in the Old Market in Omaha and on June 6th, we photographed their wedding reception at the Nebraska Club on the 20th floor of US Bank (they were married a couple days earlier close to the beach several states away).  Above are a few of my favorites and of course, we also had a lot of fun with the photobooth setup – check it out here.  Thanks to Stephanie for taking most of the photobooth pix (even got one of me and Dave – he hates having his picture taken!).