Liz + Cory

Liz and Cory playing fetch with their dog in the parkKameron Bayne Images - Engagement Couple Kiss in Golden SunlightKameron Bayne Images - Portrait of Engagement Couple Firefly filled Nightime SkyKameron Bayne Images - Engagement Couple resting in the field

Meet Liz and Cory! We met at the gallery space to talk over some ideas and ended up walking around a park in the Boys Town area. We played a little fetch with their dog (Jordan captured that great moment above!), and later changed into a finer wardrobe for a stroll in the gardens.  At the end of the night, we attempted to capture the fireflies dancing in the background with some experimental nighttime photography.  Thanks to Cory and Liz for their patience while I figured out how to make pictures in the dark – hopefully it was worth the bug bites!