Grace, Westside Senior

Kameron Bayne Images - Grace Senior Portrait in Beautiful Soft Afternoon LightKameron Bayne Images - High School Senior Picture of Grace in Outdoot Recording StudioKameron Bayne Images - Grace High School Senior Portrait

My assistant (Jordan) and I really enjoyed our time with Grace (and her amazing family!) for her session.  First and foremost, Grace is a music lover so she taught us a lot about music; most notability, foreign language speaking music.  Her mother was actually my piano teacher when I was younger so it’s no surprise that music runs in the family!

Just like the broad range of her musical tastes, Grace is both beautiful and elegant as well as comfotably casual and free-spirited.  She has a laugh that is so genuine it just makes you smile.  And she has a lovely name!  It’s the inspiration of a U2 song: “Grace / It’s a name for a girl / It’s also a thought that changed the world / And when she walks on the street / You can hear the strings / Grace finds goodness in everything.”