Annie, 2010 Senior

Kameron Bayne Images - Abstract Design Senior Portrait of AnnieKameron Bayne Images - Fashion Flare AnnieKameron Bayne Images - Elegant and Graceful in the Family Dinning Room

Annie is sensible, personable, smart, articulate and beautiful.  She’s also quite witty and an avid word-smith (she inspired me I need to build up my vocabulary – or should I say develop a more multifarious vocabulary).  To start our session, we had to get up while it was still dark outside to meet the sunrise.  Although it was a little painful, it was worth it to get the old market all to ourselves while the street lights were still on.  We showcased her sense of style downtown (Annie suggested the concentric circle background and I think it made an awesome image) and finished up at her home, which was very cool because her mom is an interior designer with fabulous taste.  Overall, it was a wonderful session that yielded some great results.