Doctor’s Office Visit

shadows of trees on a street signsad baby boy in car seat
Burnout is a serious threat to many photographers and creative professionals. Somewhere down the road they stop loving what they do. Creating art turns into “just work” with no perceived escape and sadly, they slowly die inside. Over and over again, I’ve been told the remedy is simple: take time to create art just for you – invest in creating your own personal work. Sounds easy, right?

Once a week, I try to do just that.  But it is much easier said than done.  Every day, more “responsibilities” unexpectedly call or demand attention. Part of which is just life and thus unavoidable; but I’m learning a much larger part is the mindset in which these “interruptions” are handled.  This week, our four-month-old suddenly became sick for the first time (it’s heartbreaking to hear him hack a cough with little tears in his eyes!) and we had to take him to see the doctor.  Fortunately, he was given some medicine to help him breathe and should recover in a week or so.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that even in the midst of a stressful day, I still saw beauty present all around me.  I’m glad I brought my camera for a few quick shots to remind me what keeps my love alive.