On December 12th of this year, photographer Jeremy Cowart inspired photographers all over the world (including Italy – check out this cool time-lapse video) with a vision to give back to their respective communities with Help-Portrait.  The idea was to give the experience of a professional portrait and the tangible printed results to a person who may never have ever been photographed before.  Some of you might remember awhile back I made a post sharing my excitement about the idea.  A big hand goes to Christine Pagan (pictured above with some fellow “portrait-helpers”) for putting the Omaha chapter together and coordinating several different sites ranging from folks living on the streets at the inCommon Community Development meal to sick children at the Nebraska Medical Center to a church that adopted formerly abused women and their children.  Among hundreds of other photographers, my brother Jordan and Cara of CB Yates Photography & Design came out to help make it a wonderful success.

We setup shop with inCommon and I met some amazing people through this experience — brave, joyous people full of personality and life.  Part of me wishes I could show you more images than just the ones of volunteers during setup, but not entirely because that was the beauty of the idea — to create images for no other purpose than to be enjoyed by the people we created them for.