Tanya + Brandon | Maui Destination Wedding

Remember Tanya and Brandon?  I met them over a year ago for their engagement session and am incredibly happy for these two extraordinary individuals.  Brandon is cheerful, considerate and a man of deep character.  Tanya is a woman of rare beauty; she’s humorous, kind, courageous and strong.  Together, they make a perfect couple (or darn near close to it)!  On January 29, they were married on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui.  The celebration started with a luau feast the night before the ceremony and ended with an outdoor reception that quickly moved inside after rained poured down on us all!  But that didn’t spoil any of the fun.  The night was filled with an electric atmosphere, an impromptu dance party (complete with random strangers joining in) and several touching, heartfelt stories.  Their friends and family were great too — everyone made sure my assistant and I felt welcome and included and we certainly did.  It was an experience to remember and I’m thankful to witness the union of such love.  Congratulations Tanya and Brandon!  May your love grow as you grow old together, or as Jon McLaughin once said, “May the sparks in your eyes out live the lines on your face.”