Living Big Omaha

Gary Vaynerchuk at Big Omaha Conference 2010
Thanks to the folks at Malone and Co.*, I spent an amazing weekend at Big Omaha. What’s Big Omaha you ask? It’s an event to explore and share the creative “entrepreneurial energy taking place within the Midwest.” Simply put, it is the power of a good idea. Attendants from all over the nation came to hear the creators of WordPress, Charity: Water, 37singals (the company behind Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, and Ruby on Rails), foursquare, Grasshopper, the Behance Network (the folks who study and develop organization tools for creative professionals), Gary Vaynerchuk from WinelibraryTV and many more.

I walked away from this experience with fresh new vision of what’s actually possible. As one example, just look at what the Charity: Water project has done against insurmountable odds.  Volunteer Doug Stevens summed up the major theme of Big Omaha as “do something significant with your life, create culture, and actually give a care about people.” I call it the re-imagining of American capitalism.  Check out the video below and be inspired…

* Picture above courtesy of Malone and Co. See if you can find me in this shot (I’m holding the remote trigger) and check out their blog for more.