Audra + Bryan | Destination Engagement in Liberty, Missouri

We traveled to Kansas City for Audra and Bryan’s “road trip” inspired engagement session.  But on the way down, a surprise rain storm followed us there and stole all our daylight.  It was a real disappointment for everyone.  But when life throws you a curve ball, it doesn’t make it any less part of life.  It just means you have to make a choice; to see it as an obstacle or an opportunity to let go of what’s not important to focus on what truly is important.  And that’s usually the moment right in front of you.  Thanks to the flexibility of Audra and Bryan, we changed directions, rearranged plans, and explored a completely different side of their relationship together.  We woke up at sunrise to walk around a small vineyard, play downtown at the local farmer’s market, and finished up at their favorite wine place.  It was a gift to get to know these beautiful people (I think you can see what I mean).