Allie + Addision | A Winter Quarters Wedding

Allie + Addision were married on April 9, 2011.  If there’s one word that describes the day & people involved, it’s beautiful.  Beautiful.  Beautiful.  Beautiful.  I could say it over and over again, yet it still wouldn’t communicate the true meaning of it all.  There’s something magical in their eyes that outshines life’s bumps and bruises.  Their future children will surely have those same amazing and beautiful eyes.

At one point during the family formals, Addision’s grandfather leaned over and told me he had some pictures for me to see he had taken of the photographer.  I must of had a blank look on my face because he said, “It’s you! I got some pictures of you working today. I bet that never happens.”  He’s right, there are so few pictures of me ever (even in my own family pictures) because I’m always the one behind the camera.  But now, I’ve got some from Addision’s grandfather and I’m deeply touched by the kind gesture–thanks Henry!  Congratulations to you Allie and Addision–may you have many more joyful years together!

Ceremony: Winter Quarters Temple
Reception: Regency Lake & Tennis Club
Photographers: Kameron Bayne, Corrie Suhr, Jordan Block