Tanya + TJ | Today is the Day

Today is June 2, 2012. And it’s going to be a wonderful day for many more reasons than the average day: my longtime friend, TJ and his girlfriend Tanya are celebrating their commitment to each other. Today is their wedding day. 

TJ and I spent three years as roommates during a very formative time of our lives. We learned about love together — we befriended homeless folks, opened our apartment to those in need, struggled with the heartbreak of caring for some friends with serious addictions, and we learned much much more about our own strengths and weaknesses together. I remember TJ as an old soul — always creative, charming, and witty, with a command of language full of grace and free of judgement. I’ve always admired TJ (more than he probably knows). And I’m so grateful to be there on his wedding day to hopefully capture the beauty within him and the woman he loves — to freeze it in time. I’m sure the day will be full of moments we won’t ever want to forget.