Jill and Caleb

Kameron Bayne Images - Jill and Caleb; softly leaning against the fallKameron Bayne Images - Diamond Ring inside Rose PedalsKameron Bayne Images - Jill; bridal portrait in the Paxton ManorKameron Bayne Images - Omaha Wedding Party in the Old MarketKameron Bayne Images - First Wedding Dance at the Paxton

Jill and Caleb were married on a perfect autumn day which allowed us to get a lot of fun photographs in the Old Market. The reception was tastefully decorated at the Paxton Ballroom (put together by In the Details Events) and was an event to remember.  As the wedding couple entered, people formed a half circle around them as they started their first dance together (it was Angela’s suggestion to photograph it from the balcony – it was a tough lighting situation, but Stephanie and I managed to get something that captured the significance of the moment by holding an off-camera flash down below).

The Viewing Premiere is only two weeks away… and soon afterwards, everyone associated with the wedding will be able to view the entire gallery online because our new photo cart system should be up and running by then!