Theressa + Sean | Engagement

I can’t help but smile when I think of these two… I love how playful they are together!  They had me rolling around on the ground in laughter — well, not literally. But very close to it!  Somehow it came up that I photographed a beautiful summer home eariler that day and I was telling them how cool it was that the owners might get a coffee table book to display at their other home.  And Sean pipped in, “That’s actually what I was hoping to do with these engagement pictures!  I really wanted to do something nice for my other fiancee.”  Moment of silence.  Eruption of laughter!

On the serious side, Theresa and Sean have a depth to their relationship that grew over a very long distance — for a good deal of time they could only see each other via skype and relied on writing each other letters.  This inspired part of our shoot as well as a love story stop-motion film.