The Last Days of Summer | Fun at an Omaha Splash Park

3-year-old sticking his head through a blue bike rack at the local playground/splash park.
Portraits of young kids trying to catch water outside.
My boys playing in the water on a hot summer day.

As summer begins its decline, we ventured out to the local splash park for one last hurrah.

Inspired by this post, Five Minutes a Day Makes All the Difference, I want to make more room for extreme intentional connections with my kids. Size or quantity doesn’t matter, but quality does. The more my wife and I do things like this, the less it feels like such a chore. And the better consistency we have with boundaries for our kids, the less we have to exhaust our energies on managing unwanted behavior. I have so much to grow in learning about my children and what they need. But as I grow in this area, I’m feeling more and more inspired to pull out the “big camera” to document their lives as they unfold. May these images remind me of this fleeting moment in our lives and how much I love these little guys!