Nap, Snack, and Playground on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Little boy eating cheerios in a highchair outside the kitchen.
Boy with teddy bear wakes up after nap in his car seat
Children swinging on the playground swings
Shadow of two little boys holding hands, they're brothers.

I love how my boys can always surprise me. Earlier yesterday, they spent several hours frustrated with each other, crying that the other is taking away a toy. Yet after a good nap, a lite snack and a little time swinging on the playground, they’re about to pull a big surprise. As we take a walk about the park to wind down and head home, my boys reach out to one another to hold each other’s hands. How adorable.

As this happens, we crossed paths with some slightly older boys who were fighting with each other. One yelled out something nasty about no longer being friends. The other said with a shocked and saddened voice, “You’re not going to be my friend anymore?” Justin heard the word “friend” and proudly announced, hand in hand with his little brother, “I’ll be your friend.” That small voice of encouragement was enough to inject something positive into the exchange of these boys. The first boy suddenly back peddled and recanted his offense.

There’s nothing like the sweet innocence of a 3 year-old to call out the childishness in us no matter our age.