Chelsey & Eric | Newlyweds Say, ‘We Choose You, Gabbie’

Chelsey and Eric were married less than a year when they adopted 15 year-old Gabbie into their family. They asked me to come celebrate her new ‘birthday’ and bring along my camera to document the experience. It began in the courtroom, with the legal signing of adoption papers and family members filling almost every seat provoking the judge to say something like (if I remember right), “This is the most amount of people that have ever been in my courtroom!” The open arms of their entire family is a beautiful testament to the relentless pursuit of love that stops at nothing to give its best. Regardless of the cost to itself, it has no bearing on whether we deserve it or not. Love loves because that’s what love does (a great read from author Bob Goff). Those who practice this kind of life invite the rest of us into a better world. Thank you Chelsey and Eric.