Portrait of a Melting Ice Cube

I’ve been taking one day a week to explore creativity… As a full time photographer and artist, I’m discovering how much I need to care for my own soul to keep the joy alive in my work (and life!). So far, it’s been a wonderful and refreshing experience! All I do is stop… I stop the busyness of daily life and allow my mind to think of something other than what’s on my must-have-done-list. Usually, that’s just enough space for me to feel moved to create something new.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about vulnerability. I think much of modern culture is constructed as an effort to avoid feeling or appearing vulnerable. We buy insurance, we install security alarms, we don’t talk to strangers. We can try and hide it, but our own vulnerability, our fragility as human beings just doesn’t go away. Those of us who go to great lengths to bury the tender and vulnerable parts of our lives only succeed in becoming cold and hard by keeping others at a distance.

We are like a melting ice cube that cannot escape its nature. Yet, maybe that’s the most beautiful thing about us.

Kameron Bayne Images - Portrait of an Ice CubeKameron Bayne Images - Portrait of a Melting Ice Cube