Graduation Day!

After 10 long, hard, sleepless months far away from home, we have finally reached the finish line. On June 22 we I, along with my associate Will Long who worked with me the first year of Kameron Bayne Images, graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography. But we didn’t just finish, we finished well!

We received awards for graduating in the top 10% of the 2007 class.We were so very proud to stand in the company of so many other outstanding photographers who also won awards – Chaz Cruz, Jason McGrew, Susan McManus, Mark Robinson, Chris Joyner, Adam Putnam, Jorge Rivas, Evan D’Arpino, and Edith Rosa. And a special congrats goes out to Olga Minkevitch who recieved the Mamiya of Excellence Award which means we’ll be seeing an ad (in which Mamiya invested $30,000) dedicated to her work in American Photo magazine. Congratulations Hallmark Class of 2007!!

photo from Hallmark Institute of Photography